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Yasuki Hiramatsu is one of the large pioneers and Avantgardisten of
the Japanese decoration art. Together with its son Kozo becomes a emeritierte professor from Tokyo
in the Viennese gallery Slavik, http://www.galerie-slavik.com/, a magnificent exhibition equip. "it is important to me, that my work something for our life means."Yasuki Hiramatsu says, it also around formal strength and Grazie as well as around full
exhausting of the material properties of his decoration creations goes
to that. Beauty is likewise a topic, from the aesthetic tradition of Japan becomes out understandable. "the metals, which I use, are like organism if I at a piece work, I play, hadere I, I fight with them and stimulate her."the results of this energetic argument are smooth, elegant forms and sensitively treated surfaces. Decoration from the hand of the master the quiet restraint and
idealistic intensity of its view of life reflects Yasuki Hiramatsu. The production of a schmuckstueckes can take two years, or one day both with highest concentration. Gold is the material, with that of the 1926 in Osaka born artist primarily works. Gold, thinly rolled, to make gefaeltelt and geknittert around simplest forms sinnliches
light play possible. Fine gold strips flutter of archaischen collier or wind themselves to
bracelets or rings and lend mobility. The powerful material gold becomes in such a way a playful, leichtfuessigen element.

The international career Yasuki Hiramatsus began University OF Fine
after its training at that national kind and Music in Tokyo, where Prof. Hiramatsu also from 1962 to 1994 some important decoration artists
trained. As initial member Japan Jewellery of designer Association (JJDA)
Hiramatsu is anxious for the early 1960er years, to smooth the contemporary decoration art the way and at the same time
to promote the linkage with traditions. Like that contemporary decoration is also in Japan long no more status
symbols separates expression of individuality and artistic innovation.

Decoration work of Yasuki Hiramatsus is among other things in the
following renowned public collections: Royal college OF kind and Victoria and Albert Museum in London, Museum for arts and crafts in Hamburg, Decoration museum in Pforzheim, Imperially Household Ageny and The national museum OF decaying kind, Tokyo.

In that already fourth generation of the metal forging family
Hiramatsu Kozo Hiramatsu works partly alone, partly together with its father Yasuki, in its studio he was also trained. Also Kozo Hiramatsu masters the simple form in noble metal in subtle
and independent way. Its present topic is however the schillernde effect of individual
parts in the mass. That is, Collier and broschen, from smallest elements, like tubes at Bambusstaebchen reminding compound, contains a surprising aliveness by slight irregularities, in the quantity only to carrying come.

All in all the collected peace fascinates, those the work of the Japanese decoration artists flow. It is that smiling deepness, those the BetrachterIn or TraegerIn from a world of the visual
ueberfuelle to the substantial one leads.